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Welcoming People of All Sexualities and Genders

Since its formation 41 years ago, PPF has become the foremost resource between Los Angeles and San Francisco for LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS. Pacific Pride Foundation’s advocacy and education efforts meet the ongoing and emerging needs of a diverse population in order to create thriving and visible communities.

Our Courses

Pacific Pride Foundation offers a variety of cost-effective trainings that can be tailored to any site's specific needs or area of focus. Most organizations request our LGBTQ+ 101, which covers the vocabulary and best practices needed to understand and welcome people of all sexualities and genders Our presentations cover all transgender identities and sexual orientations in full--and when requested, we can provide a panel of community volunteers able to speak from their own experience of being LGBTQ+. To schedule a training, simply click here!

Rife with the latest research, lesser-known LGBT histories, and with your field's professional best practices, our trainings are grounded in cultural competency and the direct acknowledgment that LGBTQ+ people of color, of elderhood, of diverse abilities and citizenship present differing constellations of experience and oppression that require unique and nuanced care.

In January 2018 registration opens for new in-house trainings open to community members and professionals on two rotating topics: LGBTQ+ 101 and Transgender Diversity 101. Trainings must have at least 10 participants, and can support no more than 20 individuals - allowing for individualized contact and a conversational learning environment.


To learn more about our courses or to schedule a training, please click below:



Recent trainings


Santa Barbara Middle School

Santa Barbara Police Department new recruits

San Marcos High School Health Classes

Santa Barbara High School Health Classes

Anti-Defamation League

Casa Serena Residential Treatment Center for Women

Wilderness Youth Project

Franklin Health Center: County Public Health

Carpinteria Health Center: County Public Health

Lompoc Health Center: County Public Health

Heritage House

Planned Parenthood

Wildcat Bar & Lounge 

The Bobcat Room

UCSB Teacher Training Multiple Subject Candidates

UCSB Teacher Training Single Subject Candidates

SBCC Professor Janet Minehan's Sexuality Class 

New Beginnings Counseling Center 

Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care

Noah's Anchorage Youth and Family Crisis Shelter

UCSB Career Center 

Oak Cottage of Santa Barbara Memory Care

Casa Pacifica, Santa Maria

American Indian Health & Services

Domestic Violence Solutions

Garden Court 

Santa Barbara County Public Health (Lompoc, Santa Maria, Carpinteria, & more)

Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness



  • “A presentation that creates a desire to learn more is really one of the highest aspirations and goals for any presenter, so congratulations and thanks to you all at Pacific Pride Foundation for sparking a new interest for our staff! Thank you so much for your wonderful and informative ‘LGBTQIA Sensitivity from Birth to Adolescence’ training.”

    -Lynn Marie, Program Manager of the Santa Maria Youth & Family Center

  • “Patrick Lyra made it simple to understand how to better serve the LGBTQIA community… The presentation was full of knowledge. Your LGBT Outreach Advocate, Patrick Lyra, and Pacific Pride Foundation should present on the LGBTQIA community everywhere!”

    -The Coalition for Family Harmony

  • “Pacific Pride Foundation did a wonderful job of presenting the topic of Gender Diversity in Children and Adolescents in a clear, respectful, open and fun way that helped me identify my biases and feel safe ‘outing’ them so I can begin to change them…”

    ~Staff Member, Wilderness Youth Project

  • “Our residents and clinical staff have been knocking on my door thanking me for arranging a place and space for them to hear your important message in ‘LGBTQ+ 101 & Addiction.’ You left a warm place in my chest. I feel hopeful for our future with people like Patrick Lyra & PPF in it.”

    ~Sandra Mistretta, Casa Serena Residential Recovery Home For Women

  • “Your explanations [in ‘Human Sexualities: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Pansexual and Queer Intimacies’] were cogently informative and helpful to everyone. The panel you organized was equally impressive. The students were very attentive and appreciative. With you and Pacific Pride Foundation at the helm, we will have a more informative, tolerant society!”

    -Professor Janet Minehan, Human Sexuality, SBCC

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